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INSTINCT PRIMAL & PURBA forest ritual C20

Reaching Kutna Hora by Prague I had the chance to travel the countryside of Bohemia. Trees, forest, and finally the bones of Sedlec. A sort of ritual, walking among the trees to find the glacial white Kutna Hora ossuary. "Forest Ritual" is an aural testament of a place where death and life becomes a single entity. Instinct Primal and Purba join this dark walk to create an aural experience of bones, cosmic connections, trees, stones and ancient spirituality.

Side one was recorded during the day in a snow storm, side two was recorded over midnight during a full moon in a silent forest. Fire and ice, day and night, light and dark, white and black.

C20 clear gold tape with 2 large inserts and 8 postcards, all the photos are conceived for this release. Everything is wrapped around by a shroud.