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AZOIKUM & SCATMOTHER holden caulfield C60

German projects AZOIKUM and SCATMOTHER team up for „Holden Caulfield“, a split dedicated to the principle of the antisocial outsider and violent, irrational scorn towards society. Each act delivers roughly 30 minutes of bludgeoning and hostile material, making this split a truly long and painful journey into the territory of alienation, terrorism and flamethrowers directed towards random targets. Legendary Noise veteran Azoikum presents frontal and noisy cut-up Harsh Noise with tons of variation and a fresh and innovative angle, whereas Scatmother creates some of the most piercing and disgusting material the project has done so far. „Holden Caulfield“ comes in extensive special edition packaging with tasty artwork focussed on presenting the themes as graphically and deeply as possible. Acid attacks, spree shooters and mental illness. Limited to 100 copies only and expected to move fast.

Comes in a brown envelope with 5 large inserts.